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September 23, 2013


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       Wow guys, I have been so silent lately it's crazy. Life has definitely been a little crazier than it has been before! I apologize for being slow to respond and/or not responding at all. I really do wish i had time to do more personal work and contact you all more often, but new things have happened and i'll share a little bit with you about it!

       First off, this past week I have been at the Smoky Mountains! It was absolutely beautiful there. The weather was perfect and i had a great time with my family. We stayed in a cabin in the mountains and had the PERFECT view! We even saw a bear while we were walking a trail! It was some great relaxing time. We visited Gatlinburg one day, then walked the Grotto Trail to a beautiful waterfall. It was only 1.3 miles but it felt like 7 at least!! We also went to Cades Cove. The area is gorgeous and there are great scenic views it was just... ugh so beautiful. We went to Dollywood as well! That place was more fun than i anticipated. My dad was having so much fun on the rides. Now, he doesn't get super excited very often, but when he was screaming like a girl on those rides i just had the time of my life. When we were at the cabin, I went out onto the deck and painted with my new watercolor set. it was the perfect place for a temporary studio! And every night we played cards, and every card game was Hand and Foot. You better be my partner when we play that game cuz i will be talking smack and start punched faces. But anyway, I returned to Michigan yesterday and getting back into my schoolwork.

       Another thing happened over my vacation, as well. I have been searching for a job for a few months now and haven't had much luck. But before the family trip, i had my very first job interview! I applied to maurices, and the people there are so sweet. I had a phone interview over my vacation, and on that same day they said i got the position! So I finally have a job! My orientation is this week, so i'm super excited to get to work with a great group of girls as a Sales Associate. Completing the employment process is a little intimidating though... I need my mommy's help.

       I also have a freelance job that is on a BIG time crunch. I need to have 2, digitally finished graphics by the end of the month... which is in 7 days. So there will be absolutely no room for personal projects until that is finished. I'm excited for it though! I'm creating graphics for Bible character based pajamas for the little ones! There were a lot of problems at first. At one point i was told to only use 3 colors in the graphic. Can you imagine a character, logo and background and all of it have only 3 colors? Well that was changed just recently, so now I can get to work on some mockups.

       That's basically it! Plus school has something to do with the lack of activity, too. But mostly it's the other things. I hope ya'll are having a good time! If not, I pray it gets better. Love you guys!
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RJRobledo Sep 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wish you the best!
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